• Farmers Rice Mill

    Processing over 800,000 pounds of rice each year, Farmers Rice Milling Company has grown to be the largest rice mill in Louisiana. FRM is capable of processing any type of rice to any specification, by employing the latest technology in milling and handling of rice. Farmers Rice Mill employs over 90 staff members at it’s Lake Charles, LA facility.
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  • Agrilectric Power Partners

    Using rice hulls as fuel, Agrilectric has been producing power in Lake Charles, Louisiana since 1984. By turning a waste product into usable energy, Agrilectric powers both Farmers Rice Mill and Agrilectric Research Company entirely, and sells excess power to a neighboring utility company. This excess electricity is enough power to supply the yearly needs of approximately 6,000 homes.
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  • Agrilectric Research Company

    Agrilectric Research Company has been at the forefront of industry’s drive toward environmentally friendly initiatives—by offering new and innovative insulation, filtration, absorbent, and soil amendment products—all made with completely “green” renewable resources.
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  • Hardy Rice Drier

    Hardy Rice Drier was acquired by Farmers Rice Mill in 1996. It is capable of storing and drying 710,000 CWTs (hundredweights) of rice products. Hardy Rice Drier is a vital part of Farmers Rice Milling’s plan to expand its rough rice purchase programs.
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  • Excalibur Land Company

    Established in 1995, Excalibur Land Company owns and manages approximately 10,000 acres of land in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.
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  • B.H. Timber

    B.H.Timber Company LLC is administered from The Powell Group’s corporate office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, by Will Grant. Day-to-day operations are conducted by our professional partners—Ronnie Edmonds and Laine Fontenot of E & F Resource Management LLC.
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  • B.H. Mitigation

    Wetland mitigation banks allow for the preservation, enhancement, restoration, or creation of wetland ecosystems to offset unavoidable adverse impacts resulting from land development. Entities ranging from governmental agencies to commercial energy companies to private developers and homebuilders utilize mitigation banking to purchase credits to compensate for the environmental impacts of their projects.
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  • Powell Broadcasting Sioux City

    Powell Broadcasting of Sioux City and LeMars, Iowa is a 4-FM/2AM cluster of radio broadcasting stations. We’re focused on delivering a high level of LOCAL entertainment and information to our audience; and offering an effective advertising venue to our advertisers.
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  • Powell Broadcasting Panama City

    Powell Broadcasting of Panama City and Panama City Beach, Florida offers radio’s hottest variety of music entertainment! Our four FM stations offer everything from classic rock, to contemporary hit music, to your favorite country hits.
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  • Powell Construction Company

    With so much depending on the quality and integrity of a finished project - trusted, dependable professionals with a proven track record of success, are a necessity.
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  • Kids' Orchestra

    Kids’ Orchestra of Baton Rouge, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, offers group instrumental instruction, instruments and performance opportunities to students in kindergarten through fifth grade from public, private and charter elementary schools across East Baton Rouge Parish.
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  • iCast Interactive

    With the number of people now using the internet and social media for their business, it’s become apparent that these are no longer things a business “can” use, but rather “must” use in order to stay relevant and competitive. From our beginning, well over 5 years ago, iCast Interactive could see the importance of the online world and where it was headed.
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