Agrilectric Power Partners

What began in 1984 as a way to reduce the build-up of rice hulls from Farmers Rice Mill, now produces 12 megawatts of electricity and powers not only the mill, but also Agrilectric Research Company, and it has enough remaining electricity to supply the yearly needs of approximately 6,000 homes. 

Not bad for an alternative energy source that was ecologically responsible long before green was “green...”

Located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Agrilectric is a biomass power facility lauded by the USEPA because it does not increase atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and can reduce the potential for methane gas generation in landfills. Distinguished by its environmentally friendly operations, it is a Green-E Certified producer of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which are tradable, non-tangible energy commodities that represent proof that one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from an eligible renewable energy resource.

Agrilectric produces approximately 87,000 RECs annually and remains compliant under the rigorous annual verification audits of the Green-E Energy Program. For more information on the Agrilectric and RECs, please contact Carl Kiser.

As the leading operator of rice hull combustion power plants, Agrilectric has never had a negative environmental impact, a testament to the hard work of its employees and its continued commitment to providing clean, green, and reliable electrical energy to its surrounding communities. 

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