Agrilectric Research Company

Born alongside Agrilectric Power Company in 1984, Agrilectric Research Company has had a single focus since day one: to optimize the product utilization of rice hulls from Farmers Rice Mill. 

Rice hulls, when burned in a controlled combustion process, create a unique amorphous silica structure that has increasingly valuable applications in the steel, environmental, transportation, filtration, and agricultural industries. Agrilectric Research Company has been at the forefront of the chemical industry's drive toward ecologically-sound initiatives since its inception. In addition to the research and development conducted by its employees, it also supports R&D studies at several universities to help take advantage of this 100% renewable resource and continue to provide new and innovative products, systems and services. 

The company works extensively with end users, engineering firms, and original equipment manufacturers to develop custom-engineered amorphous silica products for a broad variety of uses. 

Current applications include the following:

And this list is only the beginning.

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