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Agrilectric Power Partners Carl Kiser 337.430.0006
Agrilectric Research Company Carl Kiser 337.421.6375
B.H. Mitigation William Grant 225.922.5122
B.H. Timber William Grant 225.922.5122
Excalibur Land Company Johnny Hensgens 337.421.6351
Farmers Rice Mill Nick Bernhard 337.421.6365
Hardy Rice Dryer Aaron Fontenot 337.588.4471
Kids' Orchestra Jody Hanet 225.922.4656
Powell Broadcasting - Sioux City         Dennis Bullock     712.239.2100
Powell International/180Blue Robert Bond 225.922.4662
Powell Land Development Robert Bond 225.922.4662
The Powell Group Headquarters Robert Bond 225.922.4662

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