The Powell Group is a dynamic organization of diverse companies united by excellence in customer service, performance, and partnership.

Corporate Values

The Powell Group is a unified organization of heterogeneous companies. Our wide variety of offerings in quality products and services is only part of our success; the larger part is that our brands are grounded in the same values and commitments to contribution, achievement, and performance.

  • We believe in open, honest, and direct communication.
  • We believe in innovation. 
  • We believe in personal effort and professional results.
  • We believe in teamwork with our employees.
  • We believe in partnership with our clients.
  • We believe in cooperation with our communities.
  • We believe exceptional products and services are a direct result of employee satisfaction, respect, and recognized value.
  • We believe growth—be it personal, professional, or industrial—is not a means to an end, but as a vital part of every success story.
  • We believe every product has an overriding element of service, that what we deliver is just as important as how we deliver it.