Farmers Rice Mill

Farmers Rice Mill is the largest rice mill in Louisiana, employing over 90 skilled and dedicated individuals to run its state-of-the-art milling equipment.

Processing 750,000,000 pounds of rice each year, this Lake Charles facility provides high-quality grains to local, national, and international markets. It is capable of processing all long and medium grain rice varieties to any specification, using advanced computer-controlled systems, multi-pass water polishing milling equipment, and optic sorting machinery. Farmers Rice Mill has a meticulous focus on staying current with technology and automation to ensure exceptional product quality.

The grain industry has changed considerably since the mill opened in 1917. Farmers Rice Mill's commitment to quality, performance and service has enabled them to serve both the domestic and export industries for almost 100 years. Its continued growth, agility and refinement are a testament to its proud past, its current success, and its secure future.

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