Excalibur Land Company

Excalibur Land Company and Powell Farm Partners own and manage approximately 10,000 acres of land in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. The company was established in 1995 to maximize rice yields for its affiliate, Farmers Rice Mill.

And it didn’t stop there.

It's one thing to increase rice production, but it's quite another to do it responsibly and sustainably while also enhancing other markets. Using the best practices in land management, our managers have created a crop rotation strategy that not only produces generous yields with the least amount of herbicides and pesticides but also allows for increased crop diversification, timber growth, and grazing areas for cattle.

Excalibur Land Company goes beyond rice production to include soybean and wheat production, rangeland management, farmland reclamation, and timber management and land management. Our farm manager and an experienced field crew cultivate approximately 1,200 acres of rice and 1,000 acres of soybeans and wheat annually, and they also maintain over 1,000 miles of levees and farm roads each year.

Additionally, Excalibur Land leases approximately 2,300 acres of farmland and 5,500 acres of pastureland to area farmers and ranchers. In total, these farming operations result in the production of nearly 363,000 bushels of rice annually. This unprecedented bond between our farming operations, the committed tenant acreage, and Farmers Rice Mill allows an unmatched level of flexibility to develop rice products from seed to market.

With over 1,600 acres of pine timberland, Excalibur Land Company maintains a managed forest program that includes annual reforestation efforts. Excalibur Land Company’s additional activities include selling gravel and rice hull compost, leasing property for hunting, fishing, and other recreational activities, and participating in marketing carbon credits.

Learn more about Excalibur Land Company at frmco.com/about-us/farming-operations or email Johnny Hensgens at johnnyh@frmco.com.